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The Southern Hemisphere's only Via Ferrata - Queenstown:

The Rung-way is one of the newer outdoor activity adventures in  Queenstown:

Rungway Logo What is the Rung-way or Via Ferrata? Via Ferrata is Italian, meaning "the Iron way". It is a carefully constructed route of rungs, ladders and wire ropes that gives almost anyone the chance to inspire themselves and experience some of the region's most majestic landscape.

The start - InstructionsVia Ferrata is an ideal way for less experienced people to enjoy some spectacular situations in the mountains - situations which would normally only be accessible to expert climbers and mountaineers.

There's nothing like exertion and adrenaline to add another dimension to a fantastic view. And the only Via Ferrata in the Southern Hemisphere is located right here in Queenstown.

It is an awesome fun and exciting way to access some of the best views in the world. Like many adventure activities, Via Ferrata has its roots in historic practice.


Via Ferrata ('iron roads' or 'iron ways') were created early last century to move troops and others not necessarily skilled at So far, so good.climbing across Mountainous alpine regions. The Rung Way Via Ferrata Queenstown is an inspirational climbing experience in a majestic landscape. Routes constructed of rungs, ladders and wire ropes make the rocky cliffs and grassy ledges high above the resort accessible to anyone of moderate fitness.

The high points of New Zealand's scenery have just become more accessible. Formally the playground of only the fittest, most experienced climbers, the rocky cliff faces and grassy ledges above Queenstown are now an essential part of the Southern Lakes experience.

Via Ferrata is a fully guided experience:

Personal attention and small groups means you don't get left hanging around waiting. And because the starting point is less than five minutes drive from the centre of Queenstown, you can be kitted out and going in less than 15 minutes. It''s very safe:

Close up view of Rung system
At all times you are attached by a harness and two Carabineers to a sophisticated system of stanchions and cables and led by experienced guides. Further description down page. No previous experience is required. This is not rock climbing. What you do need is good balance, sturdy footwear, sturdy clothing, and a reasonable level of fitness. Full safety equipment is supplied and complete instruction given before you start.

Destination Queenstown logoGoing verticalThe start up!View from the top

Via Ferrata climbing has become a popular sport in Europe, with dozens in existence and Traversing round under a ledgemore being built all the time. Open all Winter The Queenstown Rung-way is a great wet weather activity. As the cliff faces are sheltered from wind and get all day sun, it is operated in all occasions when the ski fields can't or the rivers are high. Gloves and helmets are provided and it is recommend to wear hiking boots over the damp months as the trip starts with a 20 minute walk up a track.
Yours truely in the backgroundAnyone who is fit enough to handle hill walking and enjoys getting out in our wonderful New Zealand scenery will enjoy Via Ferrata. No rock climbing experience is needed. Via Ferrata is a way to experience the excitement, exposure and scenic beauty enjoyed by climbers, without spending the time and money necessary to become a skilled and equipped climber.

The Climbing System - How it works:

One of the most common questions they get asked is 'why are you able to scale these cliffs without any previous climbing experience or rope skills?' The simple answer to that is because of the unique climbing system. Running alongside the permanently fixed rungs, rails and pegs is a Carabinerspermanent steel cable. This cable is anchored into the rock face every 2-3 metres, dividing it up into 2-3 metre sections. On your harness you have a specially designed lanyard system connected to 2 karabiners that clip onto the cables and a resting karabiner that you use to clip into the rungs in front of you.

You start by clipping your 2 karabiners onto the cable and then you can begin climbing up the rungs Looking down on Queenstownuntil you reach the next section of cable. Now you clip your resting karabiner onto the rung in front of you, then one at a time transfer your karabiners over to the next section of cable before unclipping your resting karabiner to continue your ascent. It's as simple as that and it's this system that allows you to easily and safely ascend some very technical terrain without any previous climbing experience.

Lake Vista staff have tried this activity and highly recommend it. We are accredited booking agents and can handle all bookings for you.